Thursday, 4 March 2010

Return Journey part one

We left Junglemantra around 7pm on Sunday evening, not a dry eye in sight! After an hour we arrived at Umaria station in time for the overnight train back to Delhi. It took 18 hours!! We have never been so relieved to get off a train before! We were collected straight away to be taken to the homestay. We hadnt realised it was festival time (Holi) and the whole place was buzzing - it was the Festival of Colours where everyone throws paint on each other - most people were red and green!! Our original driver was apparently too drunk to walk never mind drive and we were lucky that a stand in could be found!!!
We had a relaxing evening in Delhi in the company of two great guys(South African Shem( and Go (Japanese)( who had just arrived from Japan after photographing amazing wildlife there - thanks for your company guys, it was great to meet you! They were heading off to Junglemantra on Tuesday morning.

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