Saturday, 20 February 2010


At last I am able to update this blog, I have had a problem getting online with my laptop - hope you enjoy the pics! We have visited the park again but no more Tigers sadly. We hope to see one or two more during our last week. Two wildlife researchers are on their way to stay with us so we hope to get out and about with them. They are bringing a number of trap cameras to set up around the place - should be interesting! Also the top guide her Babblu (the guy the BBC use whilst they are filming here!) has offered to take me out birding on his motorbike which will be great- he obviously knows the best places to find stuff!
Our English classes are still a hit with the local lads - they remain enthusiastic and willing to learn as much as possible. I hope to post pics of them in due course.
The weather is fab although over lunchtime and early afternoon the heat gets a bit much. It is cool at night and very cold at first light!

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